Fred Struckholz

Art Teacher

Fred received Undergraduate degrees in both Biology and Fine Arts, with a Minor in Art History, from James Madison University. He went on to Graduate School in San Francisco, where he received his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Fred stayed in San Francisco for 10 years working as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and teaching Art at the College level. After helping to launch the internet startup,, he and his wife decided to relocate back to the East Coast to start a family.  Fred now resides on the East Side of Providence with his wife Michelle and their son Elliot, who is a student at The Croft School. In addition to teaching at Croft, Fred currently runs his own design and printmaking studio.  He loves to cook, and is a major music nerd, which probably explains why so many of his clients are in bands.  Fred aims to make each art class exciting and challenging, guiding students through an exploration of a variety of mediums often using “grown-up” processes.