“Outstanding” is not just a superficial descriptor when we talk about our team — we really mean it. Our teachers stand out.

At Croft, we make a resolute commitment to providing our students the very best: we aspire to hire and retain the top 1% in the field. That means teachers who are caring and empathetic, experienced yet innovative, and who bring a natural and contagious zeal to a profession they love. It means teachers who our children will remember, vividly, for the rest of their lives.

Our Top 1% Commitment is why we invest hundreds of hours in conversations, interviews, observations, and other efforts to find outstanding teachers. 

In fact, it is why our 2019-20 teacher hiring rate was 0.4% (3 hires made out of 690 teacher applicants).

Our Top 1% Commitment is also why we’ve made intentional decisions in our school design that are aimed at yielding long-term retention of our talented staff. For Croft to be sustainably excellent, we need to be a school where teachers are excited to remain in our classrooms for tens of years. We believe that outstanding teachers thrive on - and deserve - a level of autonomy to make their own pedagogical decisions built upon the pillars of our school’s overall educational approach. Further, while a strong work ethic is an instinct and commitment of our teachers, we’ve also sought to design a professional environment in which our teachers can sustain the workload over many years without fear of burnout. The professional journey of a Croft teacher is a marathon, not a sprint.

For those of you in Providence, we encourage you to set up a school visit so you can meet our teachers directly and see them in action with our students.

For those of you in Boston, we’ll be building our founding (2020-21) staff over the course of the 2019-20 school year and will be excited for you to learn about our teachers-to-be as they join the Croft team.