The Croft School: Boston will open in September 2020 with a K1 (Pre-K) classroom and a K2 (Kindergarten) classroom.

Our admissions application will be available in October 2019. However, we are actively meeting with families to begin a mutual exploration of whether The Croft School is the right fit. We encourage you add your name to the Croft: Boston interest list here.  Once we hear from you, we will reach out to schedule an optional coffee at a local cafe (our treat, your choice of location!) in order to discuss our school as well as what you are seeking for your child(ren) and family.

If you’re intrigued, but would prefer to start just by joining our Croft: Boston mailing list, you can sign up for that here.


What is our Admissions Process?


1. Express interest and get to know the school.

While not required, we encourage families to add their name to our enrollment interest list (see above). Once you do this, we’ll invite you (totally optional) to meet up for coffee so that we can learn more about your schooling preferences and you can learn more about our school!

2. Complete our online application.

The first “formal” step in our admissions process is to complete a short online application and submit a $50 application fee.   The 2020-21 K1 and K2 application will be available in October 2019. We will facilitate our admissions and enrollment processes via two admission rounds.  Information regarding our admissions and enrollment timelines will be posted on this site in summer 2019.


3. Schedule and complete a family/child interview/activity with the Croft team.

Once we receive an online application, we will schedule an in-person meeting with each family and applicant. This will include fun activities for the applicant to complete, as well as an opportunity for family members to engage in further conversation with one of our Founders.


4. Receive Admissions Decision, Apply for Financial Aid (Optional), and Determine Whether to Accept Seat!

Families will be notified of The Croft School’s admissions decision within a couple of weeks of their admissions visit.


Tuition and Fees


We have worked hard to set tuition at a rate that enables us to provide extraordinary quality at outstanding value.

Boston is blessed to have some incredible independent schools.  We share with those schools a commitment to excellent teaching and a strong sense of community. What sets us apart is that we’re small enough to personalize the learning experience for each child. And, these schools have beautiful campuses. We will have a nice, but smaller, facility. That is one of the factors that allows us to charge about 60% of the tuition of the most expensive private schools in the Boston area.

School Tuition
Dexter-Southfield (Grade K-5 average, 2018-19) $37,433
The Park School (Grade K-5 average, 2019-20) $33,535
The Croft School: Boston (2020-21) $18,190

Our Monday-Friday drop-off window begins at 7:30am and our regular kindergarten program ends at 3:00pm. We offer two Monday-Friday extended day options for K1 and K2 students:

  • 3:00pm-4:15pm – $13/day (includes Extended Day Enrichment)

  • 3:00pm-5:30pm – $25/day (includes Extended Day Enrichment plus additional after school activities)

Financial Support and Customized Tuition Solutions:

The Croft School: Boston is committed to enrolling a diverse student body. We offer a unique approach to financial support so that the school can be accessible to families and students from a broad range of economic circumstances. Our process for determining whether a family and child may qualify for a customized tuition solution is straightforward, efficient, and transparent. Please contact us for additional information.


Eligibility & Non-Discrimination


Students seeking enrollment in our K1 (pre-K) program are typically four years old on September 1 and students seeking enrollment in our K2 (Kindergarten) program are typically five years old on September 1.  Please contact us to discuss enrollment for students outside of their respective age range; eligibility will be considered on a limited basis. There are no geographic eligibility restrictions for students seeking enrollment in The Croft School: Boston.  We anticipate that our student body will include students from Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Roslindale, other neighborhoods of Boston, and some of the surrounding Boston suburbs.

The Croft School: Boston does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, or disability, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. We encourage families and students of all backgrounds to apply.