Why Croft: Our Founder’s View


Dear Families,

I'm Scott. I'm a dad, first, and an educator, second. My boys are 2- and 4-years old and, like every parent, my wife Sarah and I want the world to be their respective oysters. For us, that pathway starts with love, play, and guidance at home, but almost as important is finding the very best elementary schooling option for them.  

So: what's important to my wife and me when thinking about schools?

  • That a school has a process and plan to hire and retain consistently amazing teachers

  • That the school balances outstanding instruction in math, reading, and writing, with ample doses of play, project work, outside expeditions, and enrichment.

  • That the school is a tight-knit community - for students and for us.   

  • That the school values diversity.

  • That the school is convenient for families, and, of course...

  • That the school is affordable.

For a while, we leaned towards city public school as our default option, but we observed just too many quality inconsistencies, classroom to classroom, to pursue that path. Our review of most private schools yielded options that were unaffordable and/or didn't "check the boxes" on other criteria, too. We felt stuck — there were no undeniably high-quality mid-priced schools.

So, in 2017, I decided to create The Croft School: Providence in an attempt to solve this conundrum for my own family and for others like us. We hypothesized that many families would value what we built. As it turns out: we were right! Our founding group of 20 students and families enjoyed and valued their experience — and this past spring, we had more than 70 applicants for our 20 open kindergarten seats.

Given how well things have gone in Providence, we've decided to bring the model to Boston, where I've spent much of the last 18 years of my life. Our Boston school will open in Jamaica Plain with a pre-K and Kindergarten classroom in Fall 2020.  

Whether you live in Providence or Boston, if you're looking for a rigorous and student-centered school for your young children, I hope you will consider reaching out. We'd love to learn more about you and your child, and begin exploring whether this may be a great fit.

Scott Given
Founder, The Croft School


Why Croft: Our Families’ View


Why Croft: Our Team’s View


Play the video below to learn more about why educator Cristina Smith appreciates being part of Croft. Cristina served as a teacher at Croft: Providence and will support the opening of Croft: Boston.


Why Croft: Our Kindergarteners’ View


. . . But Why “Croft”?


Harold (“Hal”) Croft had an outsized influence on Founder Scott Given’s life as his Reading (MA) Memorial High School English teacher (a class called “Idea of Man”) and track coach.

Scott recalls, “More than anything else, Mr. Croft taught my classmates, teammates, and me that you could achieve far more than you ever think possible with hard work, determination, and collaboration with a team. He took an average athlete like myself and, by convincing me I could be great, he turned me into an all-star runner who could break 4:30 in the mile.”

Croft’s record as the Reading High Boys’ Track and Field Coach provides evidence that he had this type of effect on many of his students and athletes.

When Croft took over the boys’ spring track team in 1971, he inherited a team that finished 0-9 in 1970. After a 3-6 first season, Croft’s Rockets didn’t lose another dual meet until the early 2000s. “The Streak” is a nationally-recognized record of 29 straight league titles and 252 consecutive dual meet victories.

Scott adds: “I am proud to have been able to name our schools after an individual who has been so impactful in my own life. If we can have half the impact on our students that Mr. Croft had on me, our schools will be a tremendous success.”