Introducing Parent 3.0


What is Parent 3.0?

The simplest answer is: redefining what is possible in the parent-school relationship. We quest to become the most parent-centric school in the world.



Here’s our point of view: Parents are the most important teacher. Parents are busy. If our school can make it a little easier to be a parent, then children get a better education. So, we will stop at nothing, big and small, to help you out.

  • Beginning in September 2019 (Providence) and September 2020 (Boston), our school will serve as a ‘convenience hub’ for many of your standard weekly and daily needs. Specifically, the following services will be offered at The Croft School:

    • Same-day dry-cleaning drop-off and pick-up

    • Drop off all USPS, UPS, or FedEx letters and packages

    • Need something from CVS?  Let us know by noon and it will be waiting for you at pickup.

    • Want take-out from an area restaurant?  Let us know by noon and it will be waiting for you, hot, at your specified pickup time.

    • Send all of your Amazon or other online orders to be dropped off at our school, if preferred

  • An hour-long drop-off window (7:30-8:30am) before our program begins every morning.

  • Extended day options that operate until 5:30pm everyday

  • “Camp Croft,” the provision of child care when our school is closed for holidays and vacations

  • Team members at our front door to support efficient drop-off, minimizing transition time (if desired)

  • Once per month Friday movie night (5:30-7:30pm) for students & siblings, allowing families a night to themselves

  • Annually, we curate a recommended “service” list from among our families that is then shared with the full family community (babysitters, plumbers, dentists, dog walkers, etc.).




Customizing communication frequency and style with each
family to meet their preferences.

We believe that the elementary school years are tender ones. We are confident that students are better off if parents and teachers can truly collaborate.  Ensuring outstanding parent-teacher communication is at the heart of Parent 3.0.

  • An annual home visit each August, which includes a conversation about the family’s preferences for communication style and frequency for the year ahead.

  • Real-time photos and updates to your cell phone every week

  • A weekly emailed classroom newsletter that includes teaching strategies you can use at home

  • A weekly emailed newsletter from the Head of School

  • Opportunities to check in with your child’s teachers every day at drop-off and pick-up

  • Opportunities to connect more in-depth with your child’s teachers about your child’s progress at a frequency and method (email, in-person meeting, etc.) of your choosing.

  • Two formal progress reports, detailing your child’s learning and progress, delivered to your home each year

  • Two formal in-person family-teacher conferences each year.

  • A deep commitment to transparent collaboration with families in the face of any challenge

  • Teachers who value and prioritize family communication and who have time built into their weekly schedules to build strong parent relationships




Being proactive to ensure families feel connected to our school
and to one another.

We know that many families look to their children’s school as a way to engage in a tight-knit family community. We endeavor to facilitate the development of these bonds among our families.

  • An on-site family cafe with complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks; magazines and newspapers; WiFi access; a library of innovative and interest parenting books; and, most importantly, a place to feel comfortable at your child’s school and to meet other families

  • An open-classroom policy - you are always welcome in your child’s class

  • Ample volunteer opportunities throughout the school and your child’s classroom, including on Friday trips

  • Several “big events” during the school year that are a celebration of learning and our community (e.g., our Harvest Feast, our Winter Solstice Celebration, our 100th Day of School Festivities; and our Grandfriends Day)

  • Every six weeks, catered or potluck dinner conversations for all Croft families, often featuring guest speakers

  • An annual springtime celebration for current and new Croft families and students

  • Pop-up events, for Croft children and their families, throughout the summer months




Delivering outstanding service to every family member in
the Croft community, always.

Choosing a private education, even one that is more moderately priced, is a big investment.  We don’t take that for granted. We see it as our responsibility and privilege to provide each family member with second-to-none service.  Here are but a few examples of how we go about this:

  • Want to know great summer camp options that match your child’s interests? We’ll research that for you.

  • Need help in finding something your child has been pushing for outside of school (e.g, karate)?  We’re happy to do that.

  • Need advice on at-home learning (reading, numbers, building core knowledge, etc.)?  Just ask.

  • Want some recommendations for at-home routines that work well (e.g., eating, going to bed)?  We’ll gather personalized resources and get them right to you.

  • Trying to find a way to carpool from Croft in the afternoons?  Allow us to play a role in facilitating that.

  • Concerned by something your child mentioned about what happened at school today?  Let us know right away and we’ll troubleshoot together.