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The Croft School: Jamaica Plain, a high-quality private school built around the attributes of “rigor and spark,” “student-centeredness,” “balance,” “strong relationships,” “outstanding teachers, collaborative improvement,” and “diversity, inclusivity, and anti-racism,” opened in Summer 2020. Currently educating students in Preschool (Age 3) through Grade 3, the school will expand by one grade level each year until becoming a Preschool through Grade 6 school. The school serves students living in Jamaica Plain (45%), Roslindale (30%), other Boston neighborhoods (15%), and surrounding towns (5%). Building upon the foundation of the highly successful Croft School in Providence, The Croft School: Jamaica Plain was opened in response to repeated requests from neighborhood-area families seeking a higher-quality, more diverse, and more affordable school that would be close to home.

Founding School Year: 2020-21

Current Grade Level Configuration (2023-24): Preschool (Age 3), Pre-Kindergarten (K1, Age 4) and Kindergarten (K2), Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3

Long-Term Grade Configuration: Preschool (Age 3) - Grade 6

Location and Facility: Our school is located at 3815 Washington Street on the Jamaica Plain / Roslindale line. See here. We fully renovated the building during winter and spring 2020 to build a beautiful school as well an outdoor playground (and we are a 5-minute walk from the Arboretum).

Head of School: Peter Cipparone (

Assistant Head of School: Shilpa Taneja (

Founder / Executive Director: Scott Given (